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ChattyCupcakes in the Cupcake Machine

ChattyCupcakes Automated Cupcake Machine

* First of it's kind in the United States

* Made exclusively for ChattyCupcakes

* Refrigerated

* Wi Fi Connected

* Portable Bakery

* Soft (Robotic) Landing

ChattyCupcake Machine

Our story is here

Two years ago we started talking about the idea of a Cupcake Vending Machine that would let customers get our cakes & cupcakes at THEIR convenience. We knew it had to have several specific elements to work--refrigerated, soft delivery, Wi-Fi Inventory, LCD touch screen, etc.

After exhaustive research, we finally found the Machine made by Mauro Maule in Italy.  Through Skype, he was able to demonstrate his machine and through a act of faith, we ventured into this new market.

Built with precision, this amazing Machine came by ship and landed in the US December, 2016.  We placed it in the Galleria Mall, Mt. Lebanon, PA and stock it regularly with ChattyCupcakes & Cakes.

Our customers enjoy the convenience it offers, getting cupcakes and cakes when they want and it allows us to maintain our high quality ingredients directly in our products, rather than all the expenses that go into maintaining a storefront


We feel blessed to have this Magic Machine! 

ChattyCupcake Magic Machine
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