"Our Buttercream"

Authentic, Pure.  We take our time making a "European Style" Buttercream--Cooking Meringue, adding Premium Butter, Pure Flavors, Premium Virgin Coconut Oil --smooth, creamy, and delicately sweet.  

"Our Cakes" are made daily--fresh from scratch with our time tested recipes with only pure flavorings.  We're able to add more of the good stuff and leave out all the unnecessary additives.   

"Wholesome Ingredients"

Fresh Eggs, Butter, Cake Flour, Fine Sugar, Fruits, Chocolates, Spices...no additives or preservatives

Big, bigger, biggest --Our cupcakes are big.

"Detailed Designs" are our Signature.  We believe the beauty lies in the detail designs, whether it's the subtle hues, pearls, flowers, gilded fondant, lace, glitter, 3D elements, etc...

"Home made fillings"- creams, jams, compotes are made in our kitchen and many of our cupcakes are filled with our Salted Caramel, Pastry Creams, Fruits, Chocolate Ganache, etc.

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

There is a Big Difference in the taste of 

Made-from-Scratch Cakes vs

box mix.  We are one of a very few bakeries that honor the process of baking, using only pure ingredients to make our big, beautiful cupcakes.  We are proud of this distinction. 


Prices:  Our cakes are expensive to make due to the high cost of ingredients and detail design elements.  Often our love of baking & design overrides our sense of cost.  We definitely don't do this to get rich.  But our customers get it and realize that if they want high quality cake and cupcakes, they choose ChattyCupcakes.        

We appreciate them so much for that!

-Ellan & Ella

"Chocolates"- We use only the finest premium chocolates.  Callebaut Belgium & Valrhona Chocolates.

"Toppings" - We love to Gild the Lilly and add delicious and decorative chocolates, flowers, cookies, etc... to our cakes and cupcakes. We want each cake to be an edible experience.

Please be advised that we use Pure Almond Extract in our Almond Cakes and Nuts on particular flavors (ex:  Peanut Butter, Brown Butter Pecan, Rocky Road (almonds), Burnt Almond Torte).  We work in a kitchen around nuts.

"Chats" - ChattyCupcakes "Chat up a storm!"  Each cupcake has a "Chat" - a saying that's inspirational, funny, a little sarcastic at times--but can be tailored specifically to your occasion.  (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Showers, etc)

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