Does ChattyCupcakes have a storefront?

ChattyCupcakes is a fully licensed and tooled Private Bakery Studio.  We bake our cakes daily and deliver to the ACM.  ALSO, customers can special order and we will deliver cakes & cupcakes to your door. 


Our ACM - Automated Cupcake Machine is the first "Automated Bakery" in the United States, located in the Galleria Mall in Mt. Lebanon, Pa.    This is our "store front" and is a convenient way for our customers to get our Cakes & Cupcakes.  

Do you take private orders?

Yes.  We take orders through our website and email:  chattycupcakes@comast.net https://www.chattycupcakes.com/  724.986.4429

We bake small batches from scratch and your order is baked to order, exclusively for you.  We offer free delivery for minimum orders of $40.

How much notice do I need to give for cake and cupcake orders?       

Fresh cupcakes are always available in the ACM in the Galleria Mall in Mt. Lebanon.  It's available from 6:30 am until 2:00 am., so you can almost ALWAYS get your cupcakes!  

For special orders, we appreciate as much notice as you can give us.  Our Private Bakery is busy and we book sometimes a month in advance.  Early orders made through our website are best.  We take orders as our schedule allows.  

How do you get your private order?

We deliver your cakes and cupcakes to your door.   

For orders of $40 or more, we offer Free Delivery.

For orders of $23 to $39, we charge a $10 delivery fee.

For orders of $22 and less, we charge a $20 delivery fee.


Can I pick up my order?

We are a busy licensed Private Bakery and are not zoned for pick-up. We've found that it's much more efficient for our scheduling to deliver your cakes and cupcakes to your door. We work hard to be accommodating to your timeframe.

Do you cater large events?

Yes.   ChattyCupcakes is equipped to cater large events and all occasions. We deliver to your event, offer set up and table design.  Call today for a consultation.


Do you design Wedding Cakes & Displays?

Yes.  We take on custom wedding designs as our schedule allows.  Please contact us for early scheduling.