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MCM  Located in the Galleria Mall,

Mt. Lebanon, PA

Welcome to ChattyCupcakes

Combining techniques of baking and design from all over the world, we love to merge beauty with delicious recipes to bring you the best cakes for any occasion.

What distinguishes ChattyCupcakes from other bakeries?

*Made-From-Scratch Recipes

*Old World, European Buttercream

*Fresh Flavorings-Spices, Fruits

*The Finest Belgium Chocolates

*Intricate, Detailed Designs

*Pure Ingredients

BIG DECADENT COOKIES-Fresh baked the day  you  order!

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"Little Italian
Puffs of Heaven"
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Put a smile on everyone's face!

Sometimes a recipe comes along that is so good...so delicious, that we are compelled to bring it to our customers.  We've started making our Pittsburgh Pudding Pints available in a variety of flavors.  

We have been getting rave reviews from the customers lucky enough to snatch one up!  (They don't last long!)


We recommend getting a Subscription for a monthly delivery of our Chatty Pints or Half Pints.  They freeze easily and are so convenient for a delectable sweet something to enjoy with company or to enjoy alone!  It's also a great gift idea for any occasion!  


Call us to arrange pick up at the Galleria Mall, Mt Lebanon, PA.

Take your dreams seriously

Ella Gannis, Bio


Ella Gannis, co-owner and chief designer of ChattyCupcakes, a  Couture Cake Studio and largest Residential Bakery in the tri-state area, started her confectionery adventures with her mother while a student at the University of Pittsburgh.


Growing up, Ella accompanied her mother on work assignments abroad and while traveling in Europe, they developed a love of European baking and pastries.   A conversation started a spark, “Wouldn’t it be fun to make the finest gourmet cupcakes and cakes?" And so it began in 2014.


From the start, Ella decided if she was going to do this, it was going to be uniquely different from other bakeries.  She took a Master baking course from Gerhard Jenne, owner of “Konditor & Cook” in London and continues to study beautiful cakes and pastry designs from all over the world.


**2016  First Robotic Cupcake Vending Machine in US. After 4 years of steady growth, ChattyCupcakes took their business to the next level by getting the first ever customized Robotic Cupcake Machine in the US, made in Italy and transported to Pittsburgh PA, where it currently resides in the Galleria Mall, serving customers daily with fresh gourmet ChattyCupcakes.


**2019:  Winner of Food Channel Network’s Cupcake Championship. As Ella’s popularity grew, she was contacted in 2019 by producers from the Food Channel Network who had observed her work on social media, requesting her to participate in a cupcake competition show, “Cupcake Championship.”  In the same year, she ultimately won the competition with a $10,000 grand prize and was honored by her hometown with a designated “Ella Gannis Day” on August 3, 2019.


As ChattyCupcake’s continues to grow and expand, Ella maintains the same values as when she started— bringing care, consistency, and attention to detail to every pastry she makes and brings joy to every celebrated occasion.


Website:  www.Chattycupcakes.com

Instagram & Facebook:  ChattyCupcakes

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