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Welcome to ChattyCupcakes

Combining techniques of baking and design from all over the world, we love to merge beauty with delicious recipes to bring you the best cakes for any occasion.

What distinguishes ChattyCupcakes from other bakeries?

*Made-From-Scratch Recipes

*Old World, European Buttercream

*Fresh Flavorings-Spices, Fruits

*The Finest Belgium Chocolates

*Intricate, Detailed Designs

*Pure Ingredients

BIG DECADENT COOKIES-Fresh baked the day  you  order!

When:  Saturday, Feb 27, 2021; 12:00 - 3:00 pm
Where:  Galleria Mall, Mt Lebanon
Why: Tired of Snow; Let's eat some Snowmen!
What to do: Pre Order your Snowmen cakes & cupcakes and PICK UP at the Mall!
"Little Italian
Puffs of Heaven"
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Put a smile on everyone's face!

Call us to arrange pick up at the Galleria Mall, Mt Lebanon, PA.

Yep folks, it’s STILL snowing. It’s still a little lonely with all the ‘rona rules. Seasonal depression is a real thing...Frankly, we’re over it! 

Preorder some joy— 
8” vanilla snowmen rosette - $59
5” vanilla snowmen rosette - $39
24 snowmen mini’s - $34


Of course, the machine will be fully stocked. I’ll be there from 12-3 probably wishing I was in bed but still delighting at sharing a moment of human interaction with you all.

I’m ALWAYS ready to eat a ChattyCupcakes snowman cake or cupcake. Join me in my happiness endeavor 🥺😁

Our Story
“Blame it on my Grandmother”

During my childhood, I was grateful to spend a lot of time on my Grandmother's farm.  She was a hard worker, taking care of her farm---daily milking cows, planting gardens, and baking.  

Grandma's kitchen was a simple style and always filled with homemade breads, custard cups, cookies, candies, cakes, pies.  Farm living required using pure ingredients--apples from the orchard, berries from the patch, fresh cream & butter from cows, nuts from trees--all used in her baking.  

Important baking lessons came from Grandma's kitchen--baking from scratch with pure ingredients is far superior to the quick mixes and canned fillings used today.


Having a full-time career that involved extensive travel allowed me to further explore my love of fine baking.  Many trips throughout Europe have confirmed the simplicity of fresh ingredients is the basis all good pastries.


I've put all that I learned into the quality and creativity that is basis of ChattyCupcakes.


- Ellan  

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“Blame it on my mom”

I was lucky to go on many excursions with my Mom as she traveled for her work.  Not only did I get out of school, but I was able to learn so much from the experiences.

No matter where we were when work finished, we looked for local pastry shops to do "research." I have memories from San Francisco to Chicago, to Philadelphia, But I really appreciated my experiences traveling throughout Europe, especially Italy.


On one trip, we planned visits to the most popular bakeries throughout London.  We even took Master Baking Classes from Gerhardt, owner of Konditor & Cook and visited Beas of Bloomsbury, Lola's, Peggy Porschen, Primrose Bakery--all popular bakeries in the city.  

We topped off with an evening at The Ritz in London.

Wow, just wow.

I'm so grateful for my experiences and will continue to learn that all I can to evolve my style of cake design for future ChattyCupcakes & Cakes. 

- Ella

...More to the story...

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