How in the world, some might say, did a unique cake company spring up out of nowhere and continue on such an awesome, fast paced baking adventure?


A lifetime of preparation with some side roads.

A long career as a Management Consultant strangely led me into our ChattyCake world.  Work required extensive travel in Europe and along the way, we developed a love of European baking and pastries.

My daughter, Ella, and I share many things...and a conversation started a spark.  It went from "wouldn't it be fun to try" and quickly went to "well, let's do it!"

We asked ourselves two important questions:  "What makes us different"  "What distinguishes us?"  And we continue to challenge ourselves to answer those questions.


From the start, we decided if we were going to do this, it had to be THAT good!  We bake in small batches with pure ingredients, using fruits, spices, pure extracts, and natural ingredients.  We know these ingredients make cakes taste best.

We tweak our recipes, striving to better our best.  To say that we do things differently is an understatement and we realize this more and more as we hold on to the quality standards that define us.  


For instance, our Chocolate Cakes have over three times more chocolate in them than most other chocolate cakes, which is why it took us a year to develop.


Our ButterCream is authentic--with a labor-intensive process, cooking and whipping meringue, and adding premium butter.


If we wouldn't have gone into this with a determination for high quality baking methods, we would have caved to the standards of most bakers and bakeries--the use of powdered mixes, pre-made gels and fillings, and imitation flavors because it's quick, cheap, and easy.

Our baking style is strongly influenced by European classic, traditional desserts.


Gerhard Jenne, owner of the popular Konditor & Cook Bakeries in London, emphasized the important of baking from scratch to enhance the natural goodness of cakes.

We have studied the beautiful baking style of Peggy Porschen Cakes, also from London, and we have incorporated her sophisticated layered cake style and her use of delicate handmade, hand painted flowers for unique and distinguished cake designs.

From the famous Pirate Cafe in Vernazza, Italy, we had the awesome experience with the owners - Massimo and GianLuca, and we learned that fresh ingredients makes all the difference in the world in pastries.  Il Pirata, Vernazza, Italy

And it was Grandma's kitchen where I learned the most important lessons--that food has to be prepared patiently and always delivered with love.


To put it succinctly, it's our passion and purpose to make great baked goods to bring people together celebrating birthdays, showers, weddings, reunions, welcome homes, going aways---celebrating life!


We hope you enjoy the fruits of our dream!

Ellan & Ella

ChattyCupcakes, Our Story
Ella Gannis, London
Mother/Daughter, ChattyCupcakes
Classes in London

Classes with the best....

As the founder of Konditor & Cook, Gerhard is one of London's foremost cake experts and has helped revolutionise cake-making in the UK over the last 20 years. Along the way he has made cakes for celebrities such as Tina Turner & Sir Terence Conran with numerous TV appearances.

ChattyCupcakes in London
Ella Gannis, London
ChattyCupcakes, Cinque Terre, Italy
ChattyCupcakes, Cinque Terre, Italy
ChattyCupcakes, Italy
Ella Gannis, Cinque Terre, Italy
ChattyCupcakes, Cinque Terre, Italy

Life takes some turns...