The Costs of Chatty Cupcakes & Cakes

We love making cakes! The freedom to create designs is a big part of the reason for being. (Of course, it has to taste great!).

And yes, they cost more, but there is a lot that goes in to making a cake.

We came across a "PIN" that resonated with us. It distinguishes the true costs of cakes & cupcakes.

What you think you're paying for: What you're actually paying for:

A cake:

* . A Cake

* . Someone to design your cake

* Someone to buy the supplies for your cake

* . Cakes and fillings made from scratch

* . Classes to learn new techniques

* . Years of Practice

* . Expensive Tools to create high-end cakes

* . Utilities to make the cake

* . Self-employment taxes

* . Liability insurance

* . Gas and wear and tear on vehicle to get supplies and deliveries

*Time--days and hours--to make designs

Custom cakes are definitely a labor of love.

We bake our cakes fresh right before the event and use only fresh-made Buttercream--made from cooked meringue, real butter, real flavorings, and a time-honored process. and never skimping on the quality ingredients. We use premium butter, eggs, spices, fruits, flavorings, and chocolates. Our chocolate cake has twice as much chocolate as anyone else's and we use the finest Belgium chocolates (you will know a ChattyCupcake chocolate cake because of it's weight). We put extra egg yolks into our cake recipes for extra moistness. And our "custom layered cakes' are three layers high - larger than standard cakes, which generously increases the serving size.

It’s important for us to get each cake as perfect as we can.

Fondant or Modeling Chocolate designs takes time--sometimes hours, but often days (with time for drying in between).

Buttercream requires a continuous chilling process during the design process.

We enjoy adding these touches to our cakes...and we never count the designs on a cake, but just put them on until it looks perfect.

We realize there are many options to buy a cake and we appreciate our customers who choose us and have confidence that we will deliver the most perfect cake for their special occasion.

Anyone can get a cake mix and whip up a cake,

use frosting from a can and standard holiday decorations

to put on top.

Our customers realize cakes are for special occasions. When they tell us “The cake and/or cupcakes were the hit of the party!,” or “Everyone loved the cake!” our world is sweet!

So, these are the things that go into the cost of ChattyCake cakes…and the love we put into making them... is for free. 🙂

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