A Lifetime...and yet, a blink

I love to see couples who have been together for a long time who genuinely love each other–who want to be together in an easy rhythm of life.

They don’t compete, they don’t interrupt, they don’t brag, they don’t continually bicker.

They enjoy the rich moments of sharing a cup of coffee and good conversation with each other…and the conversation never ends, even after years of being together.

And they still laugh — a lot. They see the joy and humor of life, while not denying the sometimes harsh realities.

They don’t need to rewrite the history of their lives in order to make all things “better” because they are grateful for the lessons learned and the richness of the current reality.

They still are each other’s best friends.

They are supportive of each other’s ideas, each other’s thoughts. and help each other become better people as the years go by.

They don’t allow material things in life to take precedent, realizing that being a good steward to many things often comes at the price of not being a good steward

to relationships.

Ed & Ellan: Grateful for 42 years of friendship–A lifetime and yet, a blink.

As Ed would say, “Let’s make the last third the best ever.”

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