Size Matters? - Not necessarily in custom cakes

When we design custom cakes, design elements are added as we go and they are never counted as we build the cake. It's a work-in-progress until it's as perfect as we can get.

All of our design elements are hand-made and hand-painted to acquire the most beautiful finish. As we go, we pearlize, glitterize, luster dust, gild, shine, trim, free-hand, fray, ruffle, etc...

Roses are among our favorites! We add roses to a cake and as the bouquet develops, it becomes uniquely beautiful and realistic...and the bonus is that it's all edible! Each petal is placed and folded just right; we add gold trim when possible, and glitter --we love glitter! --and victorian subtle pearlized pastels. Oh...and pearls--love edible pearls--one at a time!

While it would seem like a smaller custom cake would be easier to make, it's not necessarily the case. The process is just as detailed, the preparation for each design element is the same, and putting together a custom cake --no matter the size-- is the same process also.

Because of this, making a detailed design custom cake smaller doesn't always change the price.

Custom Cake Costs

Freedom to create is one of the best things about making our cakes! We incorporate the customer's vision and go from there.

It's important for customers to look sift through all the cake pictures on a baker's site to get a sense of their style. That's when you will get the best cake design for your taste!

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