Those Whom I Admire

Throughout my life, I've been privileged to come into contact with some wonderful people whom I admire from near and from afar. They seem to show up in random ways and maybe we gravitate towards each other.

One such person appeared recently with whom I feel a kinship. She is a fellow business owner who, through my world of cupcakes and Facebook, recently showed up in person and we had an instant connection.

What do you do when you meet someone whom you admire?

You learn!

Why do I admire them?

  • They are smart and confident and don't need to compete with oneupmanship.

  • They support others who are working towards their own goals.

  • They're a visionary, talking of ideas, and encouragement.

  • They never use emotion as a weapon of manipulation.

  • They would rather be busy and don't have time--nor want to have time--to lay around in a life of leisure.

  • Their work is tied to enhancing other's lives.

  • They don't use their gender as an excuse or a benefit, but are courageous to continually trudge forward on their own journey.

What do I learn?

I learn to become a better person.

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