More than coffee...

My parents were married for over 60 years--I'm not even sure how many (I can't keep track of my own), but "forever" describes it best.

They were busy parents, both having professional careers and endless work, work, work.

But...I will always remember their coffee & conversation times--private, yes, but I would see them together and I always knew about those moments.

Often in the middle of the night, my Dad would bring my Mom coffee and they would sit in the quiet of their bedroom...talking. I didn't listen to what they were saying, because I had a sense of their privacy, but I could tell it was a peaceful, sweet time, probably talking about one of their children's endeavors, or the progress of their work projects, or reminiscing about a relative or past event.

*Moments" --that's what life is made of.

The sweetness of hearing my Dad bringing my Mom coffee and knowing that their relationship was built on the years of coffee & conversation will always be a lovely memory.

ChattyCupcakes --more than cake...

Anybody can get just a cake. When customers order from us, we work to make their moments more memorable, more special. We don't count the design elements, but strive to create delicious and beautiful cakes in hopes that our customers will have sweet moments of cake and conversation.

And when a customer tells us how their cake or cupcakes made their special moment, it thrills us beyond words.

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