Two People and a Bakery

In my other life--business career, family--I rarely had time to bake and for sure had no time to make cakes for our special occasions. I would pick up a cake at a supermarket or bakery or if time allowed, I would open a cake mix and grab a can of frosting.

So, I completely understand needing a cake or cupcakes for "tomorrow" or wanting cupcakes for "Monday" or needing a custom cake for "this Friday.'

That would have been me.

Now I'm on the other side.

We bake small batches of cakes daily and deliver to our Cupcake Machine in the Galleria Mall in Mt. Lebanon at midnight each night. We do this because we want customers to be able to get cupcakes at their convenience. Custom cake orders are scheduled weekly.

The most difficult part of our job is having to tell customers we're booked, etc...

We believe that each cake or cupcake should be a delicious treat. Therefore, each cupcake is filled and/or topped with home made fillings, ganaches, or pastry creams that we make fresh daily. Also, we make specialty chocolates and cookies to top our cupcakes.

We apologize for having to say no at times to customer's requests. We hate it, but as of now, we're only two people and a bakery...and we enjoy making specialty gourmet treats, rather than just plain standard cakes.

We still offer FREE DELIVERY for orders on our website for Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. (as the calendar schedule allows) for minimum dozen orders and layered/custom cake orders.

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you for ordering in advance. It allows us to ensure the quality of the cupcakes and cakes that come out of our kitchen.

Ellan & Ella

By trying to be everything to everyone, you

end up being nothing to no one.

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