Why We Request "Pre-Orders"

We bake daily in small batches based on our calendar of orders.

We bake in small batches from scratch--24 cupcakes at a time. That's our capacity with our kitchen equipment and our recipes are each measured perfectly for this amount.

We make fresh buttercream for each batch of cupcakes and the number of cupcakes baked is based on our daily delivery to our Automated Cupcake Machine and customer preorders. Fillings, toppings, cookies, and confections are also made for the orders of the day. That's one reason we appreciate pre-orders.

Baking in small batches allows for quality control-- we can assure freshness and each cupcake gets inspected for size and evenness of baking. (Once in a while the edge cupcakes bake too fast and furious and don't make the cut).

We bake 8-10 dozen daily. Depending on the details, design, and added confections, finishing each cupcake is a labor of love.

At times, there is a misconception that we have "extra" cupcakes around daily. While we would like to honor every customer request, it's not the way we're able to operate.

When we first started, we honored every customer request. If a customer wanted four or six cupcakes, we baked a batch and would deliver them. (We've even delivered ONE cupcake!). And if a customer requested same day, we would quickly bake and deliver in the requested time. But the stress was real.

We've since been able to manage our schedule best by requiring pre=orders and our daily supply to the Cupcake Machine, where customers can get as many fresh baked cupcakes as they wish at their convenience.

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