Worth the Calories

If you indulge in a dessert, it HAS to be worth the calories!

When we took Master classes from Gerhardt Jenne, founder of London's popular bakeries, Konditor & Cook, I've always remembered that he told us he enjoyed a piece of cake every day. And his cakes were delicious!

When you choose to have a dessert, make it worth the calories--make it exceptionally delicious!

Chatty Cakes and Cupcakes are worth the calories --made with the best ingredients, wholesome, fresh, and worth every bite.

We want it to be an enjoyable experience. Our cupcakes are unique--baked in small batches in tins, packaged in a handsome cup (bigger than standard size), buttercream on the bottom of the cup (for perfect icing-to-cake ratio), and scrumptious cake toppers (made-from-scratch gourmet "extras" for an added treat--butter cookies, original toll house cookies, confections, macarons, lady locks, (all made from scratch)), and fillings that add a special treat to each bite.

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