Making the Most of "NOW"

Enjoy the moment!, they say!

Sounds easy, but not so easy for me. The "moment" is often too busy and fleeting that it's hard to grasp and hold on to the emotions that make it special.

Much enjoyment in life comes from the anticipation and/or the reflection of moments. That's when the giddy, warm feelings of those special occasions surface and can even take our breath away.

For example, when we deliver a wedding cake, we are so caught up in the 'now" of making the cake as perfect as we can, delivering it in perfect condition, and setting it up for a beautiful display.

Prior to that "now moment", we enjoy the anticipation by talking about the cakes--planning for extra touches, preparation of the design elements, ordering extras, etc... AND THEN....after the "now moment", we enjoy debriefing--talking about how grateful we are to deliver the cake safely, debrief the beauty of the venue, the amazing catered food, the kindness of the bride and groom and their family, and the cuteness of their doggies (that was the most recent wedding we participated in!)

NOTE TO ME: So in this hectic pace of life, the moral for me is to make sure I enjoy the NOW moments more by enjoying the conversations that lead up to it; and the conversations that reflect on it.

It makes those great moments last just a little longer.


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