Good is the Enemy of Great

September 7, 2018

A few years back, I would often use references from a book, Good to Great, in my

speeches and trainings.  While the examples cited mostly corporate lessons, I believed it was equally relevant to life. 


Lesson #1: Good is the enemy of great.


Oftentimes when we think we're good--it invites complacency.  Good so often becomes 'good enough" and our striving to improve dissolves.


We started ChattyCupcakes determined to always strive to better our best--"good" is never good enough.  Our conversations are continually discussing ways to improve--better ingredients, better recipes, and better processes.  There is always room for improvement.

Be careful who/what you compare yourself to--your perspective may misrepresent reality.


After their retirement, my parents would vacation in Florida.  I would often visit them in their senior community and would frequent the community pool where most folks swimming were 70 years of age, plus.   I remember thinking to myself, "Hey, I look pretty good in a bathing suit!"  lol!  Be careful who/what you compare yourself to.. (update:  Age creeps up on all of us and gravity has invited itself in). 

Lesson #2:  Compare yourself to the best.  

And "the best" isn't typically in your back yard. They are 'out there' waiting to amaze you!


In our spare time, Ella and I scour resources to find the very best cake bakers and creative artists--and believe me, there are many!  They come from all corners of the world --  Australia, United Kingdom, Lebanon, France, etc... There are times we study cakes with jaws dropped, wondering how on earth they accomplished such a masterpiece.  Then we begin to dissect the process and learn what we can to incorporate into our baking and designs.


Note to me:  Always strive for greatness and compare yourself to the best!