Buttercream Matters!

Tastes are subjective and we like to differentiate our buttercream from others so customers can make informed decisions.

We use real buttercream--made with a high quality butter, cooked egg whites and sugar to 140 degrees, pure flavorings, made in small batches, whipped for extensive periods of time. Its smooth, creamy, and delicately sweet. Labor intensive--yes, but for us, it distinguishes our cakes.

WARNING: If you like the extra sweet, dense, waxy grocery store icing, you probably won't like ours.

Commercial buttercreams are made of shortening and sugar with added artificial flavors, They contain no butter (and they have a shelf life that will take you into the next century).

Another popular variation is American Buttercream--whipped butter (and/or shortening), powdered sugar, some milk. Inexpensive and easy to make, many kids grew up with this cake icing and have become used to it's very very sweet taste. Often made with shortening as a replacement for butter, it has a waxy taste and if granulated sugar is used, you'll taste gritty granules.

Real Buttercreams (Swiss, Italian, French, German)

These buttercreams require a time honored process that result in a lighter, smoother frosting--real buttercream. The cooked & whipped eggs with sugar--meringue--serve to lift the butter into a fluffy, creamy consistency, not waxy or greasy.

It takes time to make and there is no substitute for quality, pure ingredients....and this is why most bakeries don't bother with it. (expense and time).

ChattyCupcakes is a small bakery. We choose to stay small so that we can maintain the quality of our products and for us, that means making real buttercream in small batches for our made-from-scratch cakes.

We know everyone has different tastes--and that's why we like to inform our customers of our preferences. And we sure hope you like it!

Ellan & Ella


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