Speaking of Buttercream...

I've written a few times about buttercream. Why? Because it matters. It's one thing that differentiates everyone's cakes, and it distinguishes ChattyCupcakes.

We often stop into bakeries to do "research" -- trying different cakes and frosting. We know tastes are subjective, but we continuously like to educate customers so they can make an informed and more satisfying decision.

Of course, we don't like fake frosting (comes out of a purchased container) or carton ("Bettercream")

And we don't like American Buttercream. Period.

Most American Buttercream isn't "buttercream" at all--made mostly from whipping hi-ratio shortening (think Crisco), and sugar). It's too sweet, oftentimes grainy, it undermines the flavor of good (scratch) cakes-- and is definitely not our cup of sugar. Even if you replace shortening with butter, the taste is too heavy, too sweet, and overpowering.

Our buttercream is authentic, labor intensive, cooked & intensely whipped, made with only high quality, pure ingredients, and made in small batches to ensure quality. It is light, smooth, creamy, and delicately sweet. Our recipe is a ChattyCupcakes original, combining techniques from various authentic buttercreams --Swiss, Italian, French...and we like our buttercream to compliment our cakes made from scratch.

Our Signature Buttercream is what you get with ChattyCupcakes (& cakes). In all our

research, we have yet to find any other bakery that makes it or even comes close.

NOTE: Our Automated Cupcake Machine is refrigerated. Our *Signature Buttercream is best served at room temperature. So if you can just wait a little bit, you will know what true buttercream tastes like!

Our feelings don't get hurt if you like the "other" frostings--sugary, and very sweet, thick, waxy, and/or powder sugary.. Variety makes the world go round.

But for those who "get it" we promise our cakes will always come with our *Signature Buttercream, made in small batches to top our cakes.



PS-Customers have asked if we sell our buttercream.

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