The Soul of ChattyCupcakes

I don't often write about Ella.

In this day and age of social media, it's easy to get caught up in braggadocio with kids, grandkids, or even ourselves. There's a fine line between true accomplishments and service to others juxtaposed against the often trite and tedious of the day.

Ella was raised not to talk about herself and to this day, it's hard for her to do so. Humility is an important trait and gratefulness for life's blessings with learned lessons from hard knocks along the way.

This baking business has been a great teacher, including both blessings and hard knocks, always working to please our customers.

She constantly studies her craft from the best around the world--often excitedly showing me the beautiful designs from where she gets ideas.

In between orders, we talk about ideas and fun things to do in this labor of love--from which we've met so many wonderful people.

Over the last couple years, we've had many offers to grow this business -- offers to franchise ChattyCupcakes, place our cupcake machines everywhere, investors offering buy in, open store fronts, wholesale our cupcakes, US shipping, etc.

But "growing big" has its own headaches.

As we go forward, we want to go in the direction that serves our soul.

Ella loves to design beautiful cakes, sophisticated cupcakes and pastries; and she loves to create beautiful table displays for special events;. Also, we want to teach classes, both in video and real-time, offer cool baking tools to home bakers, make our special ingredients available to those who love to bake, and write our book filled with favorite recipes. (we've started that! :D ).

So we look forward to a continued broad relationship with Chatty customers, working to serve all their needs baking. We are so grateful you for your continued support and kindness.

-Ellan (Ella's Mom)


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