I'm just a...


...a telephone booth cleaner.

One day many years ago I was working in England and found myself on the train reading a newspaper article–one I’ve never forgotten.  The article highlighted a man’s life who worked as a telephone booth cleaner.

Seems odd now, but before cell phones we had telephone booths and England was famous for the red ones located everywhere.  They were heavily used by the public and therefore, needed inspected and cleaned often.

The article focused on a gentleman whose job it was to clean the telephone booth–a job that may seem menial to most people. But the article talked about how this man viewed his job.  “It’s an important job,” he said. “I don’t just clean a telephone booth. I cheer people up.  I make their day!”  The article went on to explain how he leaves a small bouquet of flowers in “his” telephone booths.

After each cleaning, he would bring fresh flowers hoping it would bring a smile to people who stepped into his booths. This was his idea–his way to do ‘extra’ and bring importance to his work and meaning to his own life by doing a service to others.

I’ve never forgotten that story of the man with a profound sense of caring about his work.

It reminds me that no matter what job we do--however we define it is how we do it.  This gentleman ignored all others who may diminish his job to “just a cleaner.” but he rose it to greater heights, defining his role as much bigger and more important.

“Seest thou a man diligent in his work and he shall stand before kings.”

His extra effort distinguished him above others, but more importantly, gave him a gift of life’s purpose.

So, now you know.  We don’t think of ourselves and “just bakers.”  No way!

We strive to nurture our work with compassion and care-- striving to do “extra. It's bigger than just baking; it's life’s work.

Ellan & Ella


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