OMG-The Taste of Real Chocolate

As a child, I would snitch a piece of a large Hershey Bar my Dad had hidden in his sock drawer-- just a small piece, hoping he wouldn't realize it was missing.

Back then, chocolate was chocolate--it all tasted good, but as an adult, I became more discretionary. Then when our baking started, the quality of chocolate mattered most!

To keep it simple, if you had Nestles, Hersheys, Girardelli, and Callebaut dark and milk chocolate morsels to compare, you can easily taste the difference. When you bake

with the different chocolates or make ganache, it's indisputable which chocolate is superior--in taste & texture. Callebaut.

When we started ChattyCupcakes we knew quality ingredients was the primary step in having the best cakes. Process, (the recipe), is the second important step, but there is no recipe that can fix inferior ingredients.

Our Chocolate Cakes are superior because of the quality ingredients and our exclusive recipe, which uses all pure ingredients and more premium chocolate than any other bakery.

We are very proud of our Chocolate Cakes. If you are a discerning chocolate lover, we invite you to try our chocolate

cakes--made from scratch, rich, decadent, and wholesome.

Yes, some may think our cakes are expensive...but they are expensive to make.

Great Article explaining what's in box cake mixes:

**Adding an extra egg or milk to a box mix cake doesn't make it 'made from scratch.'

What's in ChattyCupcakes:

Made from scratch cakes are richer, less salty, full of flavor, and a more dense cake than box mix cakes.


If you're used to a box mix chocolate cake, filled with chemicals and preservatives that make it puff up easily to a light, airy, artificially flavored product, you will want to go to other bakeries for your cakes.

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