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I'm probably a little protective of Ella, after all, she is my daughter. Over these years since we started ChattyCupcakes, I've watched her grow into a very responsible, accountable business owner. She strives--and I mean s-t-r-i-v-e-s to accommodate--each and every customer.

To her, there are no basic cakes and cupcakes, because she will work through the night to make the cakes fresh, detailed, and beyond what the customer orders.

As most of you know, she has tried to respond to cake & cupcake requests, even if it's eleven o'clock at night. She also accommodates a very expansive delivery zone at the customer's specific requested time.

When custom cake requests come in, there isn't a quick answer to "how much" and even scheduling issues...because we have to dissect the time and work involved and if we fit it in. All of that is measured against Ella's love to make delicious, beautiful cakes, and her desire to please customers.

To add to Ella's schedule, she has graciously taken on much of the bakery responsibilities currently while Ed and I work at building a house.

So I'm asking...

**Please be patient. There may be a few days before a message gets answered. It's okay to send us another message, but please be kind. Ella is doing her best - her very best. (And we apologize if we've missed your message; please re-send).

**Putting it in writing is good. If your request or question can be addressed in an email or text message, it works well for Ella.

**A Secret. Something I'm going to spill... If you're requesting a custom cake from

ChattyCupcakes, Ella's favorite request comes from a customer who maybe gives her a general idea of the event and then says, "Go ahead and do what you want." This typically comes from a customer who:

  • Knows our style--has studied our cakes and cupcakes on our website, our facebook page, or has been to an event where ChattyCupcakes are featured.

  • Appreciates our "extras" - made-from-scratch cakes, fillings, buttercream, triple layer cakes, quality of Chocolate & general ingredients, design details, and free delivery.

  • Trusts Ella to do her best with the order.

**Let's give Ella a day off. As my Grandmother used to say, "Sunday is a day of rest." For Sunday events, she will deliver orders on Saturdays. Ella will continue to work seven days a week, but Sundays are reserved for her own priorities and she'll check messages the following days.

Thank you - always - for your support of Ella and our bakery. You kindnesses have been what motivates us!

- Ellan

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